Free elections in Guinea

From the AP:

Among the millions who traveled by bicycle, foot and wheelchair to vote Sunday was Ouma Kankou Diallo, a 39-year-old teacher.

“A lot of people said this would never happen,” she said after slipping her ballot into a clear plastic urn at a seaside primary school within sight of the military barracks where Camara was shot. “But it has happened and we will forever be grateful. For us, this is a kind of dream.”

For the first time since independence in 1958, Guineans went to the polls yesterday for the first round of a free and fair presidential election. Results won’t be known for another few days, but it is widely expected that a second round of voting will take place in mid-July if none of the 24 candidates emerge with a clear majority in this first round.

The BBC reports that Guinean expats in Monrovia lined up for kilometers to take part in the historic vote.

I’m thrilled for Guinea, and hope this marks the beginning of a new era in the country’s history.