Haven’t blogged in a while… Shame on me. I’ve been consumed with work for WJC and for Niapele, and, also completely absorbed by this neverending election coverage.

Tomorrow, we are making History. This is HUGE! It’s hard to contain my excitement… (little thought for HRC…. you were my gal)

his most inspiring speech? Which one was your favorite? (or least, if you are voting for the old man)

A More Perfect Union, March 2008

The "Thinking Brains" of Foreign Policy, continued

Does anybody else find slightly odd that Senator Biden wants the US to give Georgia $1 billion? What for?

Biden said the $1 billion would “help the people of Georgia to rebuild their country and preserve its democratic institutions.”

Ah yes, we all know that vast injections of foreign money have always helped “preserve democratic institutions”.

That said, I’d love to hear how he expects to do this – are we going to give them actual cash, like we did in Iraq (brilliant article)? Or perhaps in the form of military aid ? Or humanitarian aid? Or…?

There is definitely a situation of great need in Georgia (150,000 displaced, on top of the 1/4 million already displaced in the region) but promising $1 billion (just before the democratic convention?) is a bit fishy to me.

I have no idea where that figure came from… It seems disproportionate. He’s not really filling me with confidence, ahead of his possible nomination as VP in the coming days.


There is a trend in US conservative media to see terrorism everywhere – most recently, E.D. Hill, on Fox News, called the fist pound Barack and Michelle Obama shared “A terrorist fist jab” – come again?! Thankfully, FOX gave her the boot – but this is yet another attempt to point out how evil terrorists are taking over American society, and it’s simply ridiculous. It’s the same ridiculousness that has led wayyy too many people to actually believe that Obama is Muslim (in the US, this is still considered a flaw – and, unfortunately, not just for presidential candidates)

Reminds me of the recent absolutely inane uproar over the “hate couture” scarf that “terrorist loving” Rachael Ray sported in a Dunkin Donuts ad. It’s a paisley scarf…. Read here and here for thoughtful commentary on this “controversy” – and read here to see the insane reactions that The Scarf prompted in the conservative blogosphere.