The Little Peacekeeper

The Little Peacekeeper - photo by Sebastian Rommair

On a recent trip to New York, I was introduced to The Little Peacekeeper. Created by Sebastian Rottmair, The Little Peacekeeper “believes that we live in a world that needs a lot of small and big peacekeepers.” TLP goes around the world, taking photos of his various adventures, raises awareness about issues such as malaria or landmines, and symbolizes the efforts of peacekeepers around the world. He’s a small, endearing character. Sebastian says that he does not have any particular intentions with this project, but I think it would be a fun tool to educate young children about peacekeeping. While TLP doesn’t carry out actual peacekeeper duties (and doesn’t officially represent UN Peacekeeping), I find his simplified, poetic manners engaging. There’s something charming about this little fella, who travels to faraway places, reminding us of the role and importance of peacekeepers, with both gravitas and a good dose of lightheartedness.

You can follow him on Twitter/Facebook – he’s a very “web 2.0” peacekeeper.

I particularly love this video of him training:

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