Final thoughts on Vice

Not that I mean to dwell on this, because it’s not worth indulging their sense of grandeur, but the “Vice Guide to Liberia” received a couple more responses that I think are worth sharing here.

First is Myles Estey’s response – he was the co-producer/fixer/field producer for the documentary. He blogs over at Esteyonage – check out his latest post and his reaction.

Second is Sean’s hilarious “letter of admiration” on his blog Journey without Maps. I’m loving the snark and utter sarcasm – really, a perfectly crafted response to Shane Smith and his Vice-rs.

A lot of people commented on my previous post – an open letter to Shane Smith – and the only negative comments were those of people who are very clearly Vice fans and who claim that my childlike reaction proved that I didn’t “get the point”. Well, fair enough. Perhaps this isn’t meant to be a serious investigative documentary about Liberia, and perhaps all of us who care about Liberia overreacted. But when you work day in and day out with people who are trying to shed years of violence and war and move forward, it feels like a huge set back when a widely-viewed documentary portrays the worst aspects, the most vile of situations and attempts to frame it as “reality”. Anyway — enough disgruntlement. Moving right along….

2 thoughts on “Final thoughts on Vice

  1. Penelope, it is reasonable for Africans to pay attention to what their HISTORICAL ENEMIES are up to.
    ‘Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’ the saying goes.

    What is troubling in the kind of defensive & ‘respectful’ positions that some Africans are inclined to take in dealing with KNOWN European ENEMIES!
    These unfortunate African minds exhibit a seeming failure to recognize and digest clear historical evidence: The white man HAS ALWAYS BEEN ENEMY to the Africans!

    When the above is the case, Africans should be ON THE OFFENSIVE, and not surrendering at every turn to the opinions, propaganda and evil acts of THE ENEMY!
    The correct position should be: How can I defeat a KNOWN ENEMY, who is ALWAYS seeking African division, disruption and destruction!

    Your enemies CANNOT be expected to say or report nice this about you. On the contrary, your ENEMIES are expected to say or report nasty things about you, often lies!

    The Vice squad of the ENEMY wanted to report on cannibalism in Liberia? Then Liberians should have obliged them DIRECT EXPERIENCE – make them eat each other, as is done TODAY in Europe!

    Liberia descended into a horrible state of self immolation on account of AMERICAN ‘REGIME CHANGE’!

    The Devil Doe was serving his diabolical white foreign masters, when he slaughtered fellow Africans and severed the head of Liberian leadership, and sunk Liberia into a hellish anarchy.

    And when Devil Doe had outgrown his usefulness, the US devils then supported Taylor & Sirleaf, to ‘Destroy Monrovia” she declared, ‘so that I can rebuild it’, no doubt ‘rebuild’ Monrovia in the image of her American diabolical masters.

    So, Penelope, when the Vice squad entered Liberia to embarrass Liberians, know that you are dealing with an historical ENEMY!

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