Tired nation

Adam Nossiter from the NYT writes:

Friday was Guinea’s day of national independence, but few were celebrating, except for Captain Camara.

In silence, the captain, wearing fatigues and mirrored sunglasses, and surrounded by eight pickup trucks full of armed soldiers, laid a wreath at a downtown monument in the shadow of an abandoned eight-story hotel. Only a few dozen people looked on, wordlessly. There was no cheering.

“They want to have their celebrations, the authorities, but there should be mourning, burying of the bodies,” said Djouma Bah, who owns a photography studio and was ignoring the ceremony .

The keeper of a street stall, Mohammed Djoubate, said: “Nobody is happy now. We are all just tired.”

The whole article is worth a read.

Reports have been trickling in about the possible involvement of foreign mercenaries and informal recruits and that Camara is not in control of all factions of his army. According to Richard Moncrieff, west Africa projects director for the International Crisis Group:

“Either he’s telling the truth, he didn’t order the massacre and then it’s worrying because he is still the head of the junta [..] Or, it was ordered. According to witnesses in the stadium, there were men close to Dadis. It’s well known.”

But uncertainty surrounds the chain of command concerning the massacre in the stadium.

The presence of foreign elements, as well as the chain of command issue, were confirmed by an unnamed military officer who participated in Monday’s violence who spoke to French radio RFI.

There’s a good round up on  Global Voices too, including a video of the “Dadis Show.”

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