New Wave

262 migrants from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan and Bangladesh arrived aboard a rickety fishing boat in Malta this morning. Media reports claim that the migrants attempted to “disperse and hide after landing in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, but were surrounded by police and soldiers”. Funny, because it doesn’t seem like anyone is dispersing and hiding – Watch the video here.

Most of these individuals will be repatriated, seeing as they come from countries which are not eligible for humanitarian status and cannot avail themselves of refugee or asylum seeking status.

Again… This shows the obvious need to reconsider how we handle population movements. People do not put themselves through such harrowing experiences without a good reason to do so. The answer isn’t an “open door” policy either – but an adequate policy mix, which combines elements of border protection and greater coordination with countries of origin with policies that promote the creation of opportunities in said countries.

Seems likely..

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