New Look!

Well, I’m not gonna lie — I’m a little bit excited about my new layout and look. I find it “cleaner”, easier to read, no? For all 8 of you (oh boy!) who follow me on Google Reader and other feed aggregators, I guess this won’t make much of a difference to your Meanderings experience… (although you should click now and check it out, if you haven’t already – aren’t you curious?)

I’m hoping that my spiffed up new blog will force me to write more regularly… I tend to compose entire blog posts in my head on my way to and from work, or during yoga (yes, I know I should be “in the moment”, but I can’t do it!), or other times when my mind wanders (meanders! my mind meanders… hence the name of this blog). However, once these posts are all composed in my head, I get caught up in other things and forget to actually write it, and publish it.

In any case, I’ve gotten some positive feedback from actual people I know who read this blog (hello JK and LDP!), which is nice. I hope to keep improving – please feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you agree/disagree/love/hate what I have to say… I’ll continue to write earnestly and honestly about topics I care about, and hope that you’ll keep following me, wherever my meanderings take me…

3 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Love it! Altho I think that great photo of you from old header should be somewhere on here.

    Cheers to the new look and a fresh new wave of prolific posts.

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