William J Clinton opening remarks

2 of the 4 highlighted commitments in the opening plenary concern Liberia, and President Sirleaf just stepped on stage with the President of the Nike Foundation.

This is about one of my favorite initiatives, The Girl Effect, that I have written about before. They are committing $5 million over 3 years for programs that empower young women and open up economic opportunities for them. Clinton is telling all of us how important it is to insure that girls everywhere have greater access to opportunities….

Another commitment with Liberia is $15 million to help coordinate philanthropic efforts between charitable organizations and the Government – I wonder how The Niapele Project can get plugged into this…. But truly, what a great opportunity: harmonizing and coordinating development activities between NGOs, foundations, international organizations and the government is definitely incredibly necessary.

I hope that these high level commitments, made in a fancy ballroom in NYC, will translate into real positive change for Liberians.

Bloomberg and Lance Armstrong just stepped on stage – the Livestrong Foundation is going to launch an international awareness campaign to make cancer a health priority the world over.

Lance Armstrong is still wearing his yellow wristband, in case you were wondering. Apparently, the number 1 killing disease of young women in sub-saharan Africa is cervical cancer – this is probably the last cause I would have come up with. Interesting.

….more to come….

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