Some lynx

I thought I was being witty by saying “lynx” as opposed to “links”. Don’t mind me. It’s been a long week.

Someone left a comment this week asking for some Rony Brauman resources. You can easily type his name in Google, and peruse your heart out – he has said and written a lot. Here are a couple of “lynx” to get you started (he has a lot of academic papers that are published in various journals – if you have access to that type of publication through your university or research institution, and have interest in reading about controversial positions on humanitarian aid, I highly recommend Brauman)

Politics and Humanitarianism:

On the “Zoe’s Ark” debacle:,153

Gated paper: From Philanthropy to Humanitarianism: Remarks and an Interview
The South Atlantic Quarterly – Volume 103, Number 2/3, Spring/Summer 2004

I’ve been reading a lot about “BoP Business” (Base of Pyramid business), which is absolutely fascinating – both in terms of the intellectual/philosophical perspective that informs the thinking on it, but also the amount of literature and activity surrounding the topic. One of my favorite reads these days is “The Next Billion” blog – highly recommended.

In other news, migrants from Africa are still having a really hard time reaching their promised land. I read somewhere this week that Italy has seen a doubling of immigrant arrivals in the country in the last 6 months – I can’t remember where for the life of me, though. In any case, no wonder European politicians can so easily appeal to people’s xenophobic sentiments, given the way immigration is playing out on Europe’s coasts these days…

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