Random sunday night thoughts

Per usual, I am multi-tasking – reading, blogging, watching TV, doing laundry, etc. I normally wouldn’t bring up what I’m watching on TV here (because, seriously, who cares?), but Christiane Amanpour is on CNN right now, talking about Christianity in an investigative documentary called “God’s Warriors”. Anyway, she just said the following things: 53% of Americans believe in creationism, and 1/3 of Americans would like to see evolution replaced by creationism in schools.


I would like to find comparative survey results for say, France. But I’m pretty sure no one is bothering asking this question there – while I’m sure plenty of people believe in creationism, it’s unfathomable to imagine 30% of french people wanting to see this belief taught in school. I know the US is a very religious country (if you have not yet watched Jesus Camp, you must), but come on…

Now this guy, Ron Luce, is telling us that women should wear skirts below the knee because, well, you know, you don’t want to tempt the guys. That reminds me of women having to wear burqas so as not incite men – where do you draw the line?!

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