World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day – to mark the occasion, The Niapele Project is holding events in Los Angeles, Paris and Buffalo (NY).

My life was completely turned upside down (in a good way) when I began working with refugees – their courage, resilience and complete generosity, in the face of the tremendous hardship they face on so many levels was a true lesson in “humanity”, for lack of a better word.

On a broader level, I think it is high time we begin to pay more attention to the plight of displaced people around the world – there are more than 65 million people who have been displaced as a result of war, natural disasters, violence or other man-made catastrophes. Not even half of them fall under the mandate of the only international agency that protects and assists them, the UNHCR.

For more on this, please read my guest post chez The Global Buzz – thank you, Matt Stone, for the kind invitation.

A few WRD relevant links:

A Refugee’s Story: A Liberian in Ghana (via Kevin Hill, Talkaloti)

A message from Antonio Guterres for World Refugee Day:

UNHCR 2007 Global Trends

The Niapele Project PSA – in partnership with Ayoka Productions

The Plight of Liberian Refugees in Ghana

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