Fix your Conflicts

You can listen to my first ever radio interview here – had I known this would be completely unedited, I would have probably been better prepared. Nonetheless, it was a great experience, and the host, Doug Noll, lawyer turned peacemaker, is a very interesting guy – I hope I get invited back!
In any case here it is: Penelope Chester on Fix your Conflicts, June 16th 2008

(scroll down the content library, it’s the first item in the archive)

3 thoughts on “Fix your Conflicts

  1. That’s awesome! I listened to about half and then got called into a meeting. You sounded fine, no worries. =)

  2. Unfortunately the phone connection Penelope had screwed up toward the middle of the conversation (or something like that; was it made from Buduburam, because they doesn’t have a good internet channel there), and I couldn’t understand what she talks about. There was interesting questions asked, for example, why so many refugees are unregistered, and yet the answer was completely inaudible. I think Doug should have postponed the interview until these technicals issues were fixed, for otherwise it became a waste of Penelope’s time.

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