Wanted: Paradigm Shift

The policy choices and the decisions made in terms of dealing with the return of refugees are today at odds with the reality of these people’s lives.

MS shared this article, which discusses the return of IDPs in Kenya.

One phrase strikes me as “universally” applicable to refugees and IDPs who are considering return:

“Why are they ignoring our sentiments and resorting to forcing resolutions down our throats? We are the victims and our views have to be considered,” said an angry woman.

Save the date, World Refugee Day is June 20th.

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Paradigm Shift

  1. Penelope, World Refugee Day is on June 20th. Do you want to write a guest post on refugee issues (go ahead and define the scope as you wish) for the Global Buzz? We can publish on the 20th. Let me know what you think. -m

  2. Supporting the call for paradigm shift. To put it less elegantly- duh, refugees are people too.
    Or as stated here:
    “Condemning people who fled persecution to stagnate in confinement for much of the remainder of their lives is unnecessary, wasteful, hypocritical, counterproductive and morally unacceptable.”—Merrill Smith, U.S. Committee for Refugees

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