Keeping up

The situation in Buduburam seems to have stabilized – at least for now. My biggest concern – which is shared by the people I am in touch with regarding this situation – is for the well-being of the women and children still in detention at the Kordeabe center in the Eastern region.

Here is a message I just received from one of the human rights advocates (name withheld for obvious reasons…)

Its very difficult here in Ghana with xenophobia and people in government making certain statements, it does not help the course.The Minister of Interior has declared Kordiabe a refugee camp and UNHCR say the place is comfortable and the women and children do not want to leave […]
In terms of items that they need immediately, I was there a week ago, they need water, food, hygiene products. Yes, your colleague can get the items and then they could be dropped off there.

If you want to make a financial contribution, please visit The Niapele Project’s website – there is a link on the homepage where you can make a donation to help us provide basic necessities to the detained women and children. We have set up a special “emergency fund” specifically for this purpose.

I promise to get back to more “entertaining” posts in the near future – for now, my entire consciousness is mobilized by the ongoing crisis in Ghana…

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