… and the misinformation continues

For a great background piece on the women’s protest in Buduburam, go here – the writer actually took the time to interview community leaders, and the result is a fair, balanced piece on the original grievances put forward by the women, as well as the community reactions to it.

Who knows what the government of Liberia’s real position is on this issue? According to this article, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia, is strongly condemning the unruly behavior of certain refugees. In this report, however, Sirleaf makes a passionate appeal to her Ghanaian counterpart and is “about to storm Accra for an engagement with Ghanaian authorities.”

Here, you have the reaction of the opposition party in Liberia, headed by George Weah, which seems to confirm the first version – that Sirleaf is slamming the attitude of refugees.

Interestingly, the VOA article claims this:

Acarous Gray [national assistant secretary general for the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)] said if the Liberian government, as it has said repeatedly, wants Liberians in the Diaspora to return home and contribute to the development of the country then it must give those returning incentives. He called on President Sirleaf to send a fact-finding mission to Ghana.

But here, we have this:

The female Liberian President, who is about to storm Accra for an engagement with Ghanaian authorities, is asking that her compatriots are allowed to stay in the country because as she put it, resources are not enough to contain the new arrivals.

So, again, which one’s right? I already highlighted this blatant contradiction in a previous post. Can you, or can’t you, President Sirleaf, truly handle the arrival of an additional 40,000 refugees – homeless, jobless, resourceless refugees?

Continuing to monitor the situation…


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